Ardour on FC5 x86_64 problems

I am trying to build ardour on FC5 86_64, mainly because there isn’t a CCRMA repository for 86_64 yet. Anyway, I’m trying to build, and ardour isn’t seeing any of the required packages (jack, liblo, etc.) even though I know they’re installed via yum. Does anyone have any idea how to get it to see the packages?



Are you sure you have the -devel packages of these libraries installed? (eg: liblo-devel, raptor-devel, etc…)

i’m running a similar system.

you’ve got to install things to the right place. default on FC5 64 bit is /usr/lib64 which is NOT where jack or ardour look for things. when you install the dependencies, use ./configure PREFIX=/usr/lib
also, installing the dependencies from pirut (for those that it has) will work.