Ardour Not Run in Mac OSx 10.4

I have problems with the installation of Ardour in Mac osx 10.4. My computer is a late 2006 macbook with 2 gb of RAM.
I follow the instruction for ardour installation, run Jack pilot, run X11, click in Ardour icon in my applications. But Ardour doesn’t run. Nothing happens. I dont know what happend.
I anybody can help me.

You need to make sure you are COMPLETELY up to date with updates to OS X 10.4, There is an update to one of the libs that comes in as a seperate update on some machines for some reason, one you may even have to download manually. If you do a search you will find a few threads about this on this forum.

Also X11 is in no way needed for Ardour anymore, and that has been true for a LONG time.