Ardour not loading a session

Sorry if this is not the right place.
Ardour does not want to load a session in special.When I try to,it starts its routine,and in the middle of it,wooops! it disappears.
It loads correctly the rest of sessions I have.
Its a months work,Im flattered,Id like to grab a baseball bat and…well better asking.
Have I lost my session?
I know the file is there,but ardour wont load it.Id also like to know if in last instance,I could use my file in someone elses ardour to finish my song and export it.I have a friend who has it too.
Its ardour 2.8.6,and Im using Ubuntu.
My computer knowledge is very limited,if thats important.
It “disappears” when the ardour window says “loading plugins” or similar,if thats of help too.

Any help will be very apreciated.

Thanks in advance

Thanks Paul,Ill take in account your suggestions.As I said,Im a computer dunce,Renaming hasnt worked.Ill try IRC,but as Ive said,my knowlege is so limited when going into the “black side” of computers…
What about replacing the ardour files in a new session?
Also ,Ive found out I can import all the wavs into a new file,but all the mixing and editing gets lost.At least I dont loose all the recording part though,sigh…
Also I went into Mantis…lets see
Thanks man

In a half way solution,would it be possible to create a new session,delete its files,and substitute these for the files of the original session(copy/paste)?
Maybe a stupid idea,just a thought.

@UDog: forums suck as a place for technical support, especially if you actually need help “now”. For one thing, your version of Ardour is considered hopelessly out of date, and whatever the issue is, there is a good chance it has already been fixed (no guarantees on that). Secondly, I’d recommend trying to rename the history file (inside the session folder; if the session is called “foo”, the history file is foo/foo.history) to something else. Finally, as has been said many times in these forums, get on IRC during roughly daytime east coast US time, and you’ll find people willing to help out in real time instead of via this pathetic medium :slight_smile: