Ardour Not Launching in XFCE

Ardour doesn’t launch in XFCE desktop environment on Manjaro. When launching from shell it hangs showing the following;

Color shuttle bg not found

Similar to a previous post Getting GTK Color Definition Failures

Kernel 5.5.11-1-MANJARO

Ardour 5.12.0 (installed from repository)

XFCE4 4.14.0-1.3

I use Ardour 5.12 on Manjaro XFCE and I have no problems. My version of Ardour is the official release not the repo version.

Hmmmmm… I fired up Ardour 5.12 and lo and behold, there is some trouble. It’s been smooth sailing with 5.12 and Manjaro XFCE for a couple of years before this.

On startup: [ERROR]: LV2: Failed to instantiate plugin
Setting plugin a-eq on a track: [ERROR]: LV2: Failed to instantiate plugin urn:ardour:a-eq
Setting plugin a-comp on a track: [[ERROR]: LV2: Failed to instantiate plugin urn:ardour:a-comp

Uninstalled official Ardour 5.12 and installed it again, no change.

I must double check with another Manjaro machine to confirm that my installation is not corrupted somehow.

On my machine official Ardour launches ok, so this is a problem different from yours.

I’m not sure if this applies to the first problem but as for Mikael’s issue, you need to submit a bug report to Manjaro. I had this issue on Arch a few weeks back with the a-plugins not loading. If I can remember correctly, the graphics libraries were updated and Ardour needs to be rebuilt.

I would have hoped that the previous threads and bug reports about this would have made it clear what the issue is here.

Something/someone has chosen/selected/set a system GTK2 theme that includes color definitions (specifically what GTK calls a color theme).

There is a bug in GTK2 (which will never be fixed) which causes it to hang if it loads two themes. Ardour is one of the few applications which defines its own color theme. If there is no color theme in the system GTK theme, no problem. If there is, then Ardour (and any other application that defines its own color theme) will hang at startup.

You need to set GTK2_RC_FILES=/dev/null in your environment to prevent GTK from ever loading the system-defined theme. How best to do this depends a lot on your specific system configuration.

Alternately, you need to change the system GTK theme to one without a color specification.

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