ardour not in debian lenny reposotories.

I installed debian lenny on my laptop and also got a realtime kernel from 64studio but when I wanted to install ardour it is not to be found in the repos for debian lenny. anyone knows how come that is. I can also not find a .deb anywhere in the multimedia packages for lenny.

that’s what you get from official debian

@cmay: As you mention 64Studio: AFAIK they have Ardour in their backports repository for Lenny.

Hi cmay,

Debian unstable has a pretty good built of Ardour 2.8.3 with LV2 support

I’m not sure why there is no version in stable (lenny), but you wouldn’t get updates anyway since Debian stable is very static.
You don’t need to upgrade your whole system to unstable, but it could be that you need to install quite some packages from unstable if you want to have official Debian Ardour 2.8.3.


thanks everyone. I tried last night to get the unstable from debian. this morning I had to resintall. I was not aware that I had experimental and backports and etch and studio 64 sources mixed with lenny / sid and I updated the whole thing and fell asleep. it did not work that well :slight_smile:

This morning I resintalled and just grabbed the realtime kernel from 64studio and the arodur package and installed along wiht debian lenny. this seems towork fine as of the moment.

I wonder why the ardour is not in lenny but I have read that 64studio even they base them self on ubuntu will be compatible with debian lenny. if that is true I wil be a very happy man and I already have the beta running so I could imagine if it is true that they shold be binary compatible I can just upgrade the ardour package using the beta 3.0 cd as sources in /etc/apt like I did with the older 2.1.0 64studio to get the realtime kernel and ardour.

anyone have any thoughts on this. I am not running the system more than 8 hours from install and it seems ok but the upgrade and mixing wiht 64studio beta souces I am not sure about yet.

I just did that this morning. I did not have any time to check how it works but I fell asleep doing some upgrading last night and borked everything so I reinstalled and got it right this morning. I only am not all sure now if the 64studio theme and other packages the repo adds is going to break anything but I did not install anyting other than jack and arour from the backports.

I’ve got Lenny with 64 Studio Lenny backports enabled as my main production system. Works so fine. Jackd is 1.9.3-2~lenny 1 (, kernel is 2.6.29-1-multimedia. There is Ardour 2.8.1 in the 64 Studio Lenny backports.

I only added this to /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb lenny-backports main

And keyring:
wget -q -O -|apt-key add -

More discussion:

EDIT: Also make sure that your user name is in audio group and these lines are included to /etc/security/limits.conf

@audio - rtprio 99
@audio - memlock unlimited
@audio - nice -10

I haven’t installed 64studio metapackages either, because 64studio-utils seems to need cdd-utils, which is not there.

I’ve been working with this kind of Lenny/64Studio setup for months now, it’s been very stable.

OT: Backing up a Debian/Ubuntu based installation is very handy with Remastersys Tool: