Ardour: no sound after disconnecting headphones

Hi I was working on a recording in Ardour 6 on a Mac Book Pro and unplugged my headphones at some point. The session froze and I had to restart the computer. Now I can no longer hear anything in Ardour. I see there is some sound because there is some activity in the sound diagram (or whatever it’s called), both for individual tracks and for the bus master. Any idea what might cause this?

Check Ardour’s Menu > Window > Audio/MIDI setup if the correct devices are used.

On Some modern Macbooks the build-in speakers and headphones show up as separate “soundcards” [1].

Next check if in the mixer-window if Ardour’s master-bus output is connected:

[1] You can probably work-around this by creating an aggregate device and use that instead

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Thanks a lot, Robin! That worked. Everything was fine with the audio/midi set up but the master bus output was not connected (I changed it from “-” to “1/2” and it works)::grin:

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