Ardour No Longer Recognizing my Mic

I did my first session with Ardour, with an H4N Zoom (mic) put into a USB hub into my Mac Pro, and it was steller in recording 16 tracks. I then disconnected the Mic (powered off the hub), to be away for a few days, which then froze Ardour, with the mic input not perhaps disconnected properly, and I had to restart the program, after which, I cannot figure out how to get the mic to be recognized anew, within Ardour.

In my “system settings” on my Mac Pro, the H4N Zoom mic, is recognized as the mic input, and I can see the “levels” evident with the mic registering audio, but within Ardour, connection to a mic, is dead, recording leaves blank tracks with no audio recorded, no levels read on the mic, which is not recognized by the program.

I hate to be posting this, as it seems I should have an easy work around, but I’ve spent hours looking through the manual, searching youtube for tutorials, but don’t find an answer to what I’ve botched that now leaves me no recording or connectivity to my mic.

Any links for further reading would be great, or certainly an obvious solution that I’m somehow overlooking.

I sort of resolved my issue, but my ignorance remains on some aspects of the interface.

In looking through the manual, I thought maybe “JACK” needed to be installed again, or whatever was in the Ardour .dmg install folder. It terns out it’s name is I put it into my Applications folder anew, likely not a remedy for anything.

Then I saw a screen I needed, which was in “Starting a New Session.” That gave me the dialogue boxes that let me set once again my Mic to Ardour.

Within the course of the project, is there a point where I have access to this, to change inputs and outputs? If I’m recording a session, and want to listen to it at times through my monitors (speakers), how can I change that, and then pop it back to ear phones only as I record another new vocal track? I don’t know how to get this control panel up that shifts my output between external monitors versus headphones. The system dialogue window, here, seems to not do anything or allow me the options within Ardour to make the changes:

There is a menu item to open the Audio/MIDI setup window. Once opened you have to stop the existing audio system, reconfigure, then hit the start button to get Ardour running again.

Oh man. It took me a minute, but there it is, the very first item under “Window.”

Well, that there is going to change a ton for me. Such a relief to find these solutions. Thanks a ton.

Well, I am super happy at the discovery of the Audio/MIDI setup dialogue box, to now be able to stop and start Ardour, to change my audio output to line out or my headphone jack line out. My big concern now, on my mac, is that the mac control of volume does not work when sent out to my speakers. I have no control to alter the volume. If I switch to my headphones, then yes, I have volume control.

What am I missing to get volume control on my external monitors (Speakers)?

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