Ardour n00b can't get Rosegarden recorded.


I’ve got Ardour (2.5) synced via JACK to Hydrogen and Rosegarden. I press record then play, and the Hydrogen track records, but I get silence on the Rosegarden track. Both Rosegarden and Hydrogen play.

I think I’ve got everything set up right in QJackCtl, with the Hydrogen outs going to the Hydrogen track ins and the Rosegarden master outs going to Rosegarden track ins.

alsamixer is set to capture Synth and Wave. Audacity records both tracks, but I’d like to start using Ardour instead.

So I’m feeling a little stumped. Help a n00b out?

How do you manage to get sound out of a MIDI track in Rosegarden? Afaik, you need a softsynth, dssi-plugin, Linuxsampler, something to produce the actual sounds. Rosegarden master is the audio master, if you don’t have an audio track, you’ll get nothing from it. Try routing the outs of the synth to the “rosegarden” track in ardour.
I hope this helps

rosegarden MIDI track is plugged to hydrogen MIDI ins, hydrogen audio outs are connected to ardour track audio ins. The rosegarden MIDI track will not show up in qjackctl, Instead, you have to select the Manage MIDI Device menu in rosegarden, check that you see hydrogen in there, optionally rename it to Hydrogen, and assign this soft instrument to a MIDI track (left or right click on the track name and select hydrogen). When rosegarden plays the track, it will send the MIDI note you have created in MIDI track segments to hydrogen, which in turn will produce sounds according to its MIDI map. These sounds will be available at the hydrogen audio outs, Those you connect to an ardour track ins to record the whole drum sequence.