Ardour my personal mix down studio

Hello everyone, I am not an expert by any means, but I like the look and feel of Ardour and from everything I have read it has everything a musician would want. I am sure you developers think otherwise or you would not be called developers and your work would be done haha. Just wanted to share a little piece of music that I recorded using Ardour for the first time ever. Somewhere around a year ago, I think back near Thanksgiving 2007. I remember staying up real late and being on my system about 4-5 hours using Dynebolic and Jack Rack, Hydrogen my little noisy mixer and my guitar. I whipped it up. This song is still a WIP and I plan on finishing it up in the near future, so much for this summer, no way for that. While your there , if you are a musician sign up on my site too. Here is the link to listen to my song:

Surf --created with Ardour