Ardour moves recorded audio forward in time

Hello, I’m new to ardour (version 2.8.11) and have just started recording audio via an usb interface.

Everything works fine, except for when recording audio: when I press the stop button ardour moves the recorded audio forward in time, i.e. if I start at 00:00:00 and record guitar until 00:00:42, then ardour moves the 42s-guitar-audio-segment so that it starts at 00:00:42 and end at 00:01:24.
Does anybody have an idea why that happens?

Congratulations to las and the Ardour dev team for finally cracking the time travel problem! I am glad that you limited it to going forward in time, only, so paradoxes can not be created. Otherwise some linux zealot might go back in time and try to kill the original Protools developer, in an attempt to supplant it with a FOSS solution.

Problem partly solved - I’ve started a new project, and now everything works fine…yet I have no idea what I did in the other project.

No clue except to say you might want to update your version of Ardour sometime.


@Joe Cool:

You probably enabled ‘Splice Edit’ mode by mistake (near the top left, just below the transport controls).

Set it back to ‘Slide Edit’ and all will be well.