Ardour monitoring section missing cool feature

I think ardour should have added a mid and side solo on the monitor section, I often have to use a plugin for this but it seems like it would fit right in with the monitor section because it already has solos for left and right ,mono, mute etc

No idea what you mean by “mix and side solo”.

Maybe the OP meant “mid and side solo” as in mid/side stereo?

Oops, I apologize for my spelling. Yea I meant mid side.

I really like the monitor section. I use use when mixing and just was wondering if mid side solo made sense to add as well, not sure how others mix style or if it’s reasonable to desire this type of function.

Keep in mind mid/side only works for stereo. Ardour’s monitor section can have an arbitrary amount of audio channels.

A classic stereo L | R → 1/2 (L + R) | 1/2 (L - R) does not make much sense to me when monitoring, you likely want to listen to either mid or the side by itself.

You can already achieve that, by engaging the Mono button you hear the mid (Left + Right) signal.

There are polarity inversion buttons for each channel. So by flipping the polarity of the right channel, and enabling Mono you hear the side signal (Left - Right).



Interesting, I did not know I can do this already, thanks.

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