ardour monitoring: inputs plyback without recording

Hi, for a specific thing I need to set ardour monitoring (not hardware monitoring).
This works fine, I hear the sound,when recording I hear the sound and it records.

But, when Ardour is just playingback, without recording, the inputs of the soundcard get muted. The moment I stop playback I get the sound again.
I need to hear them while playingback, to tweak the sound. I can do it if I hit record, but isn’t there an option that lets me hear the inputs while playingback without recording?

Thank you for your help.

I use Ardour 3 and FluidSynth as a LV2 module (compiled manually from the last git-version of the calf plugin suite). How can I put Ardour in a mode that I hear the synth sound both on playback and on record?

I only figured out that I hear the instrument on playback WITHOUT the “In”-button pressed and on record WITH the “In”-button pressed. I’d like to hear it in both cases without having to click on the “In”-button every time. Is this a bug in Ardour 3 beta 5 or am I simply doing it wrong?

Ardour 3 solves this problem by having 2 new buttons on each track, “In” and “Disk”. They illuminate to show what you are hearing when going between play, stop and rec combinations, but also allow you to override the automatic switching by pressing them to lock one source or the other to be what you are hearing, either the track input or the disk playback. Ardour 2 cannot achieve this cleanly.

Thanks a lot, Seablade, Paul and Chrisg.
Chrisg, I’ll try it this evening, thank you.

@seablade: although that is an answer, it is definitely not the answer to this issue.

Yes, but it is the only answer I know off hand as it isn’t a functionality I use much so anyone is welcome to join in with more suggestions:)


Use a bus instead of a track to hear the inputs at all times.

Most people don’t want to hear any inputs except those they are recording, as in many cases those inputs won’t be connected to anything, or might be connected somewhere that has signal coming in that has nothing to do with the recording.


Thank you very much. This really saved me time.