Ardour Mobile on UBPorts

Hello Ardour people

I’m recording a rainstorm right now using Ardour and equipment

Wondering about the future of Ardour on mobile devices such as UBPorts. I just ordered this phone and it’d be a joy to have an ardour class daw in some way on the phone so I can do mobile recording without a laptop and with all my setups, given the hardware does connect smoothly

well wishes

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I ordered the same phone :slight_smile:

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Well from a technical standpoint it may work.

From a UI standpoint, it is a bad idea.

Ardour’s UI is designed with a mouse and keyboard in mind and certain resolution screens. The controls just wouldn’t be usable on a touch screen honestly. And even if the resolution is there the icons and text would be to tiny that they wouldn’t be readable either most likely. Sadly the UI is probably 75-90% of the software, and it isn’t a small thing to change.

So at this time I wouldn’t hold my breath and personally thing it might be better to find a different option sadly.

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sigh most probable

Still, I can dream that I can plug in my virtual reality headset to my phone and operate Ardour in some way with a controller and we can have the session with an audiobox and a mic in a studio

Would be beautiful. Such are dreams

looking forward to the release of it! Excited to try out all the programs in containers run in guis for phone

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