ardour mmc

I have problem. I try connect ardor with Yamaha in 4416. And almost everything works, almost…
Touch mode not working. Does anyone have any way?
My system is Ubuntu Studio 10.04, ardor in version 2.8.12, revision 10 144.

What do you mean by “touch mode” and what do you think this has to do with MMC ?

Touch mode has nothing to do with MMC.

Touch mode also has no way of working with the generic MIDI support in Ardour v2. There is no way to define a ‘touch’ command as a separate MIDI signal must be sent to identify the fader or control as being touched, separate from the actual control signal and there is no way of capturing both of these during the binding process.

In A3 however a MIDI map can be defined for this purpose which I believe can support touch sensitivity if your console supports it.