Ardour/Mixbus Wayland native any time soon??


I’m expecting the current answer is that no neither Ardour nor Mixbus are currently wayland native.

I’m wondering if that is expected at any stage soon (now that Fedora defaults to Wayland)

The reason for asking is I currently run a 4k monitor (which is great for mixing BTW…)

However, it makes working with a second monitor very difficult due to very mismatched DPI settings.

Wayland is capable of running separate DPI settings for each monitor, which would solve the problem.

The current solution for non-native apps, it to run X over Wayland using XWayland, however I feel this would be wasting resources… (not tested… though I may set something up)

There is no likely future in which Ardour’s codebase will migrate to be directly on top of Wayland. We will always use some kind of GUI toolkit that abstracts the differences between X Window/Linux, OS X/MacOS and Windows. For now and the foreseeable future, that toolkit will be GTK+2, which is never going to have a Wayland backend. GTK+3 does have a Wayland backend already, but we have no compelling reason to migrate towards GTK+3, and several good reasons not to.

You should test XWayland and/or use matched monitors. We’re not going to do a lot of work to address this sort of situation with a platform-specific solution.