Ardour MIDI Masterclass (a 2-hour long videotutorial)

Here’s a video (a movie rather) that’s been 5 months in the making - finally done!
Enjoy an early Christmas gift :slight_smile:

Ardour’s MIDI may be a bit difficult, but you can get stuff done with it.

BTW, huge thanks to @rgareus who has attended the YouTube premiere of this video and was active in the chat :smiley:


))) epic digits 8192

I should get this number tattooed.

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That was a greatly informative video! Thank you very much for making it!

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Really informative! This easily should become one additional official Ardour tutorial.

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Halfway through and really enjoying it. Well done!

Wow! This looks incredibly informative. Thankyou!

You really outdid yourself on this one :smiley:
So many valuable tips in there!!

Awesome! I’ve never really had the MIDI issues in Ardour so many users seem to struggle with. Perhaps it’s because I use MIDI in a very simplistic way, basically just recording live input from my digital piano and laying down some drum tracks. Will definitely watch this “movie” just for fun, though. Nothing beats a good tutorial. Also, big thanks for making the Unfa channel available on!

UPDATE: I’ve watched about half of the video now. This should definitely be a go to tutorial for any new Ardour users. The beginning parts are general enough to work as a “Getting started” video, regardless of whether the viewer is interested in using MIDI or not. Brilliant.

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Your video is amazing! It will greatly improve my work with midi. I wish you a whole army of new patrons! :slight_smile: Thank you Unfa!

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