Ardour Midi Input

I am but a novice in the Ubuntu world, however, what I have found has served me well. I am attempting to connect my midi keyboard as the midi input in ardour, but it gives me several options (MTC out, Midi Clocking, MMC out, ardour, and auditioning), as opposed to just the one connection of my keyboard to ardour. Before I updated to Ardour 5.12 from 5.5, I simply stopped jack from the audio/midi setup button in the ‘window’ tab. Stopping jack that way allowed me to switch the midi to ‘sequencer’, or something like that. I can’t quite remember what I changed, unfortunately, but I would chance something there, and all of the options for midi input would turn into one, very simple connection from my midi keyboard to ardour. I need to get an album out, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to my angel, in advance!

Stop using JACK. Just use the ALSA audio/MIDI backend for Ardour and your MIDI devices will all show up without any further work on your part.

paul, Is this general advice: Stop using jack?

Unless you need JACK for inter-application audio/MIDI, there’s no good reason to prefer it over the ALSA backend in Ardour, and several reasons (including easy use of hardware MIDI devices) to prefer the ALSA backend.

If you create a project using the ALSA backend can you open it later using JACK?

Yes, audio backend shouldn’t make a difference so long as routing to physical IO remains similar.


Jack is also required if you wish to use different devices for record and playback. For example USB mics. But separate devices for i/o is not a professional audio setup. (or recommended) Reasonable Audio devices that include both outputs and mic preamps are relatively inexpensive. (better than USB mics anyway)