Ardour may have crashed, while trying to configure my vst plugins

When I go in the plugin manager to search for my third party plugins, I can’t find them. I use Ubuntu, just to be clear. I currently have two vst plugins in my Computer, one is made for Linux and the other for Windows, both of them are .dll files. The one made for Windows is in program files in the .wine folder and should be able to function properly, the one made for Linux is simply in the home folder. I went into properties to setup a path for my vst plugins, but it didn’t quite work, therefore I would like to know the easy way on how to make the right paths and configurations.
I don’t know why it crashed, it was still active in the dock but everything shut down, that may be related to what I was doing. It wouldn’t supprise me that Ardour can be defective around plugins that are made for different operating systems, but I don’t remember interfering with my Windows plugin in that moment.

If both are DLL files, I would bet both are compiled for Windows, not for Linux. Linux libraries tend to end in .so

Ardour, in any form distributed from here, will not load a windows plugin on Linux. This is not supported in any way shape or form really as plugins compiled on one system are not intended to run on another and normally just plain won’t work.

There are ways to do it, for instance linvst or yabridge or Carla, but those are all workarounds to load the windows plugin on Linux via Wine, which is usually not the best of options. At any rate you would need to use one of these solutions for what you are looking for.

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I’m starting to think that the better solution would be to have both Ubuntu and Windows working on my computer. I would use Ubuntu for my everyday usage and Windows for when I want to go on Ardour. Does Ardour have the same difficulties with plugins on Windows?

What you have described as ‘difficulties’ I would describe as amazing it even works. Loading plugins from one OS on another OS is beyond complicated, and it is a feat of Wine that it is even possible.

If you are dependent on these plugins that are only compiled for Windows, then you should use Windows. Ardour for the most part has no difficulties with plugins, but we do hear about ones on occasion that don’t load correctly, and then some work is needed, but this is the exception rather than the rule. This is in part because you are literally loading code you have no control over, and in some cases the API spec for plugins may not be as well defined as it should be. And yes a plugin can cause ANY host to crash if it is poorly written, or even not poorly written but has a bug in it, that is part of the danger of any sort of plugin for any software. There are ways to mitigate this, but there are trade offs to those approaches, which have been discussed here as has the reasoning for Ardour’s approach.

Of course you still haven’t even said what plugins you a re trying to use, and as I said above, even though you have said one of them is for Linux, you also said it was a DLL file, which would indicate it is in fact compiled for Windows.


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