ardour master and slave computer

Is it possible to use ardour as a master-slave solution with two or more computers.

@antondvh: you need to be a LOT more specific about what you have in mind.

I have seen this by a friend of mine who has vienna ensemble Pro.
The slave computer does not need an additional sound card.
The (host) master computer has a lot of ram so you can load the projects with al the samples.
He can connect his laptop with wireless ethernet to the master and starts up the vienna ensemble pro.

If I could do that with ardour then I could run ardour from a server.

see this overview:

-if you just want to run ardour on computer A but use it on computer B, with all the data stored on computer A, you can use “ssh”. on linux that is. this works with about any application.

-if you want to connect a computer A with a soundcard, to a computer B without a soundcard but with sound-software installed (e.g. ardour) you can use netjack to use the soundcard on computer A for computer B. this way you can also “split” projects to reduce processor usage on both computers. you could for example have ardour on one computer and all plugins (via inserts) on another.

Thanks I am gonna try netjack

Solved found this as manual:

It seems that it is connecting to the master computer.
loading driver …
creating net driver … net_pcm|48000|1024|3000|2|2|transport_sync:1

Trying to figure it out.

What operating system/distribution are you using? I currently run linux on three computers in my house. I use the pulseaudio-jack plugin to route all sound through jack, and subsequently use netjack whenever I need to run software on one machine and have the sound come out of another. For instance, I keep my most powerful computer in my second bedroom, so I can use it when my wife is on the internet, but when I’m producing, I sit in my living room, login to my DAW via xdmcp, and use ardour from there. I get to use my 32" flatscreen as a display, and can switch between my flat response studio monitors and a home theatre setup for audio. The benefit is that the computer in the living room is silent, always on, and low power, but when I need to use the audio processing power of another computer, that’s the only time I need to turn it on. Additionally I use essentially the same setup (minus the netjack connection) to use my laptop as a dumb terminal for my DAW when I need to do recording outside my house. I use a 1010lt, which was very inexpensive, but can’t be plugged into a laptop, so I take my tower and laptop with me to have a portable 8-track studio. Of course, I realize I could achieve the same with a firewire 8-track interface, but then I’d not only have to buy that, but a new laptop as well (currently a pentium 3 700mhz with 512mb ram)

As a side note, I also have an old ibook g4 that I use ardour on for basic editing on the road (can’t use too many effects, so I just save that for later). I used to connect to my living room pc via netjack until that functionality was removed a couple years ago from jackosx. I do miss netjack on osx terribly, but apparently there is a bug (which I never experienced) that keeps it from being included in up-to-date versions of jackosx.

I am using openSUSE 11.1 and 11.2 on all my computers.
My soundcard is M-Audio Delta1010 breakout box .
It is not for remote that is no problem.