ardour makes it to vinyl with hard techno..

Hi Guys …

My track is number 4 on the release. It was mixed with ardour…

please help us make it in the Juno top 100…


Allan - son of zev

That’s wicked cool. Does anyone know if this is the first Ardour produced piece to make it onto a vinyl record?

Speaking of older media formats, I was watching Conan or Letterman a few weeks ago, and one of the musical artists that performed (I forget which one) actually released their latest recording on CD, Vinyl, AND 8-TRACK! Holy 70’s Batman!

I am in the process of starting a record label, and intend to do MP3, CD, and Vinyl releases. When I have my own room I plan to have a slammin Ardour workstation, so in time, hopefully many more Ardour produced projects will make it onto vinyl.

actually, this is probaly not the first ardour production on vinyl. last spring czech indie label released jindra holubec’s album “valerij dubjanin” (alternative funk) as a nice 180g virgin vinyl:

however, it is not pure ardour thing: most of the material was recorded using adobe audition, then i made some aditional recordings, did some “producer” stuff like arrangements etc. and mixed it, all with ardour. then it was mastered by ondra jezek (jamor studios, prague) with i-dont-know-what (but ondra is a fan of hardware gear, so i would guess it was not just sw job).

For me it’s not the out of the box mastering that breaks it, it’s the use of Adobe Audition. :slight_smile:

yeah, i also wasn’t too hapy from the use of audition. what was the worst. the guy who started the recording did lots of destructive editing and fx i couldn’t remove (i got just a bunch of wavs) - some tracks were so messed up i had to record them one more time from the scratch! life can be hard :slight_smile:

Yes, life is rough. :slight_smile:

I plan to open a room one day with Ardour as the only DAW, and despite the fact that I will have the projects mastered by a guy with hardware (and software), I would consider the projects to be made with Ardour.