Ardour Mackie DL16S

I have a Mackie DL16S digital mixer/audio interface to record live gigs in 16 channel. I have got the 16 channels working on my computer before with different software but when I use the interface with Ardour all can get is two channels?(Fyi:1 and 2 not L and R) Is there something I am doing wrong here? Drivers? Another extension to bring all 16 chanels in? Has anyone got this series of mixers working? If it helps I am running a Surface Pro 4, 16GB i7 64bit windows 10.

I don’t have first hand experience with the given device.

Could you describe or post a screenshot of Ardour’s Audio/MIDI Setup window? (ardour’s menu > Window > Audio/MIDI Setup). That may shed some light.

Make sure that you’re using the ASIO driver for the device, selected “all channels” and perhaps try “buffered I/O”.

PS. perhaps Window > Log has some additional information.

Thanks Robin,

That got me where I needed. For anyone else interested, I needed to swtich to ASIO driver and change the settings to match the interface to get it to work. I changed the samle rate to suit in Makie (48hz not 41hz) I also changed the buffer size in the mackie prefferences to suit the default 1024. Screenshot attached. Thanks again for your help.