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Already went through a number of iterations, discussed on IRC. Now I would like to see what feedback this forum offers :wink:

Earlier work can be found via

I have to be honest and admit that I’m not overly keen on the font being used. I prefer the bars to the the design you’ve used for the faders. Not a bad direction, just not keen on the font mostly.

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Thanks for the comments so far. Would be nice if you could be specific on proportions, kerning, line thickness or single letters if the font still seems not right :wink:

although the font might need a little tweaking.

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I purpose other two Splash ideas for version 2 of Ardour.

And a simplified version:

I think both are really nice. I can’t quite make out what the background image is of but I was thinking that it might be a good idea if it was either a generic piece of hardware like a mixing desk(or something similar) where the manufacturer wasn’t at all apparent or an actual screenshot/elements of the ardour gui in action.

I also think the font needs work. I do know a font designer so I guess I could ask for his input but don’t count on it as he is super busy :slight_smile:

Hi everyone !

To me the Ardour logo’s font is not so good.

Here’s the dafont’s <a href=>Techno - Various pages for ardour.

Here’s my favourites:

  • <a href=>01 Digitall
  • <a href=>7 Days
  • <a href=>Bauwerk
  • <a href=>Cubic Dot
  • <a href=>Feedback Loud
  • <a href=>Shift
  • <a href=>Syndrome
  • <a href=>Synthetic BRK
  • <a href=>BN 3rd Place
  • <a href=>Oktober
  • <a href=>Supersoulfighter

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