Ardour Logo in .SVG


i’ve been searching for a .svg of the ardour logo(s) everywhere, but all i find is broken links or small pngs.

it needs to be in .svg because i intend to blow it up really big on a poster for my university’s free software society at a fair to promote it and other open software.

any other related graphics would be appreciated, too.

It’s in the svn tree and you should be able to get it via:

ok, pasted that into an empty file and called it an svg…
looks cool, but is there a copy of the 3D, graphicy, shiny red/blue version that serves as the icon?
black and white won’t look too appealing on a big poster…

Hmm, the icon sources are not in the repo. You would have to be careful about scaling them up.

I disagree; the bw version should work very well printed large scale.

Send me an email to t_w_ at Tell me within it, if you can make use of Xara Xtreme files. I will send you all useful files I have, then.