Ardour - LIVE

I love ableton live , is the DAW i use , but i have found some issues that are really important.

-Live cannot use LFO’s for controlling vst parameters.
-And more important : Live can only automatye the first 128 parameters of a VST , so if the parameter you want to automate is the number 130 , ha , sorry you just cant.
-Live cannot record midi automation in the clips in session view

There are many other hings i would like to change in LIVE , but as it is not opensource or fully modular i just cant.

Is there a posibility to make a session view in ardour like ableton’s live one ? with time streching and pitchshipting in realtime and also warping ?

This would rock , after using live i just dont want to go back to an old style sequncing enviroment , the session view is really creative and versatile altough it has the arrangment view for when you want to finish and pollish your track.

Have the guys at ardour though about making Ardour a live performance tool like live(besides the normal arrangement style ) ?

Not a week goes by when I do not think about this. But you are seriously underestimating the amount of work involved in this. Live has a totally different audio engine design, precisely to make its realtime warping (time/pitch/both) possible in a very general way. Ardour wasn’t designed around that idea, and although as time goes by we might be able to hack something together, I’d be suprised if we can get close to what Live is doing. Pleasantly suprised, though.

Hey paul, so i think the answer is no, beacuase a simple hack is not the real thing.

So then there needs to be another music proyect in linux like live.

This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. If Ardour could pull of some sort of “live” mode, like that of another app I’ve been keeping my eye on called energy-xt, Ardour would become king. No joke. I’m a drummer, and I would be in heaven if I could have Ardour working beside my kit, focusing on triggering tracks through midi.

if you run on a linux environment at least for the concept you can try seq24, it’s just for midi (no audio / loop / any other thing) but synced with jack you can use all the software you want

Yeah, I’ve looked into seq24, specimen, hydrogen, and a few others. Specimen seems to come closest so far.

I’m thinking of a tool more suitable for live use, for example:

Take a look at a Rob Zombie concert, they have all sorts of triggers, samples, and background tracks playing along with them. That’s what I’m looking for, a software tool to control all of those aspects of a live performance. That software would become another powerful instrument in my arsenal. That’s the future of music my friends! If I knew any programming, I would so be on it already!

Two versions of Ardour? Ardour and ArdourLive!

I know people are gonna be like, why not just use Ableton Live… well then, why don’t we all just use Windows. Boo to that!