Ardour Live: 16-32input interface?


I just wrote a starting message for 30minutes. Then my browser crashed(I’m on tablet). My second try will be shorter and more… primitive. Beer with me.

I could use your help in listing possible audio interfaces with many inputs for Ardour. I do prefer firewire over usb, but both should do the job. Now I’m not quite sure should I go with a firewire/usb mixer, or just the interface.

By using only a interface, I would have everything on stage and just use HDMI and USB expanders to get screen, mouse, keyboard and maybe a Behringer HW DAW -controller(for faders) to FOH. I heard daw controllers work well with Ardour?

With a “mixer-interface” setup, I could use analog mixer as a backup and have a normal PC setup at FOH. BUT I would have to get all the signal cables to FOH in a way.

I doubt that the latency would become a problem.


Obvious solution is a Behringer X32 as the I/O, coupled with an iPad or similar running Lemur or TouchOSC for remote (FOH-in-the-room) control. Ignore the X32 as a mixer, until you need it.

Firewire is dead. You will have a hard time finding new computers with firewire connectivity.