Ardour limits to 32 tracks

Hi there,
I’m trying to add my 33rd track to my Ardour 3.4 (Revision 3.3-190-gad7ab8f from source code built) session, but Ardour always fails with
[ERROR]: kann Port: failed constructor nicht erzeugen
[ERROR]: konnte 1 neue Audiospur nicht erstellen

The first means “Could not create Port: failed constructor”, the second something like “Could not create 1 new audio track.” in English.
The issue isn’t solved by rebooting Ardour/Jack/the Computer. Does someone have an idea?


Yes, you need to increase the number of available ports in Jack. How to do this depends on what you are using to start Jack, but Ardour does have a dialog for this in the audio setup tab specifically to do this.