Ardour License change?

I purchased a license ($45) a few years back and now I see it is no longer required. Is this correct?

I’m not complaining, just want to be clear on the current status of the program.

Thank you all for providing such a quality program I can use.

Where have you seen this?

The license has not changed. Ardour is still released in terms of the GPL.

The official ready-to-run versions are “pay what you want” (at least $1 USD), the source-code is freely available.

Since you paid at least $45, you have access to updates (and nightly builds) for the current version, and also the first release of the next major version. see also: Ardour FAQ | subscriptions.

Robin, thank you for the clarification. I paid that several years ago but
didn’t get into the details.

I’ll have to see if I owe y’all another that size.

I appreciate the correction

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