ardour keystrokes

It’s good to see Ardour going forward, and i look forward to seeing midi come alive in version 3.0

I ask that Paul and the devs consider the importance of keystrokes (key bindings) to the overall workflow, and any new features also carry a keystroke element to them, where possible.

Just one example is arm and unarm selected tracks. With this added, the flow of input, recording, etc… is almost mouse free, as we can now navigate between tracks. It’s the last link in a section of workflow that is high use, and would enable a faster and smoother degree of input.

Another is keystrokes for the tools in the midi section. Being able to switch quickly between those tools would be a decided advantage when input large quantities of midi, at speed.
And a pair of actions to go up or down a midi channel. Select a note and use the actions to quickly change the Mcha. Couple this with navigating midi notes by keystroke, and there’s another speed jump (cycle back and forth with KS through inputted notes, making each one ‘active’ in turn. Left arrow/right arrow as an example…)

My continued appreciation and thanks go to all the Ardour devs for the fine work they do, for us, the users. I’m finally getting my head around this programme, and enjoying the journey.

Roll on, version 3.0.