Ardour keyboard shortcuts for keyboards other than the US-english one?


Any idea on how to get keyboard shortcuts working when using a non-English keyboard, e.g. an Italian keyboard?

For instance, on the Italian keyboard, keys like “[” or “]” are not available, so neither are the Ardour shortcuts.
There’s quite plenty of Ardour shourtcuts that require characters like “[” or “]” (mostly, very useful marker-moving shortcuts).

Any suggestion, anyone?

Thank you in advance.

There is a keybindings windows where you can rebind the keyboard shortcuts to whatever you want.


@Rio: you may also find it easier to edit the bindings file by hand. If you make one change to it from the keybindings editor, the modified version will be saved to your own ardour config folder and you could then use a text editor on it.

I agree that this is an issue. If I find some time later on I will create a matching binding file for swedish keyboards since that’s something I would like


Sounds great @ahellquist. I would use it for sure :slight_smile:


note that for people who build from source, it is MUCH easier to edit the “source file” for the bindings (at least for ardour3) since its arranged in keyboard row-order.