Ardour keeps crashing when deleting a plugin with a side chain

I don’t know what’s going on but ardour keeps crashing when I try to delete a plugin with a active side chain, it crashes when I delete the sidechain send or the original plugin on the track plugin. I tried It with 2 different plugins Supercharger and MJUC and they both caused the same issue. What worked was when I stop playing audio and turn off the plugin and the side chain plugin then delete and it usually deletes the plugin but I don’t it doesn’t always work

Likely I am going to ask you file this at… a few things though that will be needed there as well:

  1. What plugins are you experiencing this with? Any open source ones that can be checked?

  2. What version of Ardour and where did you get it from?

  3. What OS?

  4. (For Mantis/ Can you provide a small session with freely available plugins to demonstrate this that you can upload to the bug report you create?


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I would but I’m having trouble loggin in, I keep getting a invalid token error or something like that

Works reliably here me using a-compressor and Ardour 6.0 (on GNU/Linux and Windows 7)

I guess we do need a proper bug report as @seablade suggested, also either with a stacktrace, a session, or a recipe how to reproduce this.

@seablade I have a tiny hunch these things could be the answers to questions 1-3 :slight_smile:

@peder: It doesn’t say which version of Windows.

Also the question if any open-source (really free/libre software) plugins are available to reproduce this is important. – Unless we get a stacktrace we do need some free/libre plugins to reproduce. We don’t have access to SuperCharger or MJUC.

I’m using windows 10 but I’ll try and see if it will do the same with free software or something, sucks if it is caused by these paid plugins that it may not be able to be fixed

Depends on what the issue is, we have worked with proprietary vendors in the past to resolve issues.

First step to try is if you can reproduce this in a new, clean session and also if you can produce it with e.g. a-comp (comes with Ardour).

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