Ardour, JackPilot, AU Lab - compatibility problem?

Hi there,

I hope someone can help me!

For a couple of years I have successfully used JackPilot in combination with LineIn - and finally and most importantly Ardour to change and cut audio files.

Now there’s a problem: LineIn gives an “Audio Source Errror” message: “The audio output device could not be started. Please check it and try again.”

Recently I’ve installed AU Lab. Does that interfere?! Do I have to deinstall this program - which I would like to keep - or could there be any other way to solve this problem, so that I can work with Ardour again?

Thanks for any help! - zuzie_b

Open up Console (Applications>Utilities> and press CLEAR. Then start Jack through Jackpilot, wait till that error pops up again. Then copy and paste the contents of the Console window to here surrounded by PRE tags. It will likely tell us something more about what is going on.