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I just built Ardour 6.3.0 from source. The interface is in English. I tried to look where to setup an other language but it seems that this is system dependent.

I run a Linux Mint 20 Ulyana 64-bit distribution with a LowLatency kernel. This system is setup with French language.

Il I install the “Free” version of Ardour, the interface is in French automatically.

So I don’t understand why the build version stays in English.

I thank you in advance for your answer.

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Just a note: we do not support self-builds.

Moving on … not sure we’ve ever verified that ./waf install will correctly set up the translation files. We don’t use it for the builds we distribute.

Hello Paul, Thanks for your answer. For information I have build Ardour 5.12 a few months ago on another machine and I got the french interface correctly.

As I understand it, you’ll have to run ./waf i18n to generate the compiled language packs (*.mo files) before running `./waf install…

Which reminds me (on a side note, not trying to hijack the thread), I think the TRANSLATORS file in the source root directory is not quite correct in some bits (particularly 2.a/2.b - I can’t seem to get updated strings into my .po files without running ./waf i18n_pot). I’ve been trying to correct that in the past, but had difficulties understanding the workflow well enough to attack it, and admittedly procrastinated and forgot about all that again…

I thank you very much Edgar. ./waf i18n is the solution.

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