Ardour install prob


i wanted to try Ardour 4 for some hobby audio production but the first try already I run into problems. I run ubuntu studio 16.04 and have a Yamaha E343 keyboard and a beatmix4 mixing panel that need to be used through usb…

starting ardour everything goes well up to the screen where the audio input and output are required. I get a " Audio device not valid" error

I need to use both the keyboard and the mixing panel (as input, it has aanother mixing panel with instruments attached to it), the latter is recognized… im not sure what the input: HDA intel refers to…

You use pulseaudio? Try disable it. And choose other alsa hw device.

Select the same device for input + output.

PS. HDA-Intel is the most common onboard soundcard (HDA: High Definition Audio)

thanks, selecting same device as i/o helps and opens the app… and there is some respons to my mixing panel… now to get the keyboard and mixing panel work entirely as they shoould is the next step

“work entirely as they should” ???

I’m still working on this after leaving it aside for a while.

I’m still new to linux audio things… I now have two keyboards, one one line-in and one on usb, bus 005, device 005… and usb korgnano beatpad on usb bus 007, device 001… i need these to produce audio input but I don’t know exactly how, because I don’t understand the audio connection settings in the ardour program. I have made a couple of extra midi channels and am lost now. Here’s a screenie:

I also have the jack audio app installed next to pulse as an alternative… I don’t know which to use though, so I started with Alsa for defaults sake. Anybody help?

Click the “Hardware” tab in “Sources”, click “Ardour Tracks” in “Destination”
and click in the appropriate box in the matrix to connect your sound devices to tracks.

You can also use a program like QJackCtl

I personally think it’s easier to connect things using its “Connection” feature.