Ardour inputs not in Helvum JACK Pipewire

Hi Ardour forum,

I am trying out a new laptop. I have tried installing everything again and restoring backups, all went well, but I found my sessions now on Ardour 6.9 or 8.2 don’t show Ardour in the Helvum app I was using to connect Hydrogen outputs to the Ardour MIDI track inputs.

Also, it seems the JACK connect box has more boxes than before? On my old laptop, Ardour just shows JACK and sample size.

Both machines running latest Fedora.


If jackd is already running, Ardour just connects to it and can only control the buffersize.

However when jackd is not running when you start Ardour, you need to configure jackd, and you get all the options you see.

On latest Fedora JACK was superseded by PipeWire, you likely need to install pipewire’s JACK wrapper (or run pw-jack ardour8).


Of course mate, sorry, that’s bound to be it, thank you!

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