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Hey there,
it would be great, if Ardour is somehow in the official repos or an ppa (own or maybe KX?), so we could update it with the complete system. ATM its try and error, to look at the homepage for a newer version/installer.
Is this possible?
Cheers :slight_smile:

It is possible and in fact done, but not by Ardour’s team. You need to talk to distribution maintainers for that. Ardour’s package here is distribution neutral intentionally so it can be installed on any distro.

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Ardour from will show a notification at startup when a new versions is available. e.g.


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I only use this version – somehow missed this message, gut my first info from a live stream about 6.2.

For me (and some Ardour-friends) it’s not so comfortable and feels somehow, sorry for my words, windows’ish.

It may not be comfortable for you, but it’s the only way we can offer support. There are very few distributions that build Ardour 100% correctly (or at least, build it the way we intend for it to be built). Given that, we can’t offer support for the builds they provide. Most distributions make Ardour available, so if you’re bothered about “update speed”, talk to the maintainers of those packages. But don’t ask us for support with those versions either - we’re not trying to be jerks, but if we can’t control the build (even for you own self-build, for example), we really cannot be sure if some issue you run into is our fault or just a build thing.

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Are you able to say which distros build Ardour 100% correctly in your experience?

Most of them have done it right at least once :slight_smile:

It’s an everchanging story.

Also, we use some patches for a few 3rd party libraries that will never be upstreamed and hence will never appear in the version that forms part of your distro’s runtime environment.

For those who don’t follow Linux closely, this is why all the cool kids are now excited about things like Flatpak, which are generalized attempts to do what we’ve been doing in Ardour (and Firefox) for years: package the application with all of its dependencies.

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While I’m using the binaries directly from this site, I did notice a flatpak of Ardour is available. Does that mean it would be using the 3rd party library patches you mentioned? The downside looks like Flatpak doesn’t support JACK any longer which would really put a spanner in the works for my Grandorgue+Ardour usage.

Have a look here:


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