Ardour in Debug Mode


as Ardour is sometimes crashing I want to execute it in Debug mode. How this works is basically written here:

in my /opt/ardour/bin folder I have ardour-5.12.0*

When trying to execute it via /opt/ardour/bin/ardour-5.12.0 I get the error

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I already de- and reinstalled it but still get the same error.

To start ardour in debug mode is it enougg just to type

/opt/ardour/bin/ardour-5.12.0 --gdb ?

Is it possible to Jack then?

You never execute ardour-<fully-specified-numeric-version>.

You always execute ardour<single-number>.

The normal release of Ardour is not debuggable, because it is optimized for performance. It is possible to download the debug version on request.

Hi Paul,

if it is straight forward to install I’m interested, Is the debug version less stable then?

The debug version is exactly the same, but isn’t optimized. That means that it’s CPU use is higher for any given work load, it uses more memory, etc. etc.

It can be parallel installed with any other version of Ardour.

Ok, I found it. I thought the debug version must be used when using windows. The manual ( is not clear at this point. But I think I will leave it to the pros at the moment. If I find a reproducible bug in the official 5.12 version I’ll write in the bug tracker.

The process for debugging on each platform is a little different, but the key thing is that you cannot usefully debug with the normal release version. You won’t get backtraces or function names or the other useful information that makes debugging worthwhile.

Hi Paul,

I want to check out the Nightly Built Version to help improving Ardour. I have a new system running on Debian 9 (stable) and I wonder what to choose here:

Binary Interface
gcc4 gcc5
In version 5 (since g++5.1, April 2015) the GNU C Compiler changed the C++11 interface in an incompatible way. Ardour itself is not affected, but the combination of some plugins and Ardour is. If you are using a GNU/Linux distribution that compiles plugins with the new gcc5 C++11 ABI, choose gcc5. If you do not know, use gcc4 (fall/winter 2015).
This is only relevant for a dozen 3rd party plugins which directly or indirectly use C++11 features.
Known affected plugins: abgate, ams-lv2, amsynth, beatslash, deteriorate, eq10q, guitarix, ingen, midimsg, newtonator, triceratops, vocproc.

Is it sufficient to run Ardour in debug or do I have to take care of the plugins also?


What are you specific goals when working with the current git master branch? We are generally not interested in feedback or bug reports at this time.

Sometimes I have Ardour crashing when loading a plugin, e.g. Zynaddsubfx. I had it with KXStudio 14.04 and also with Debian 9. That’s the only issue.