Ardour Import Freeze

Sometimes trying to import .wav files Ardour 5.8 x86 Freezes under Windows 10.

If I try to import as regions it freezes at end of first file import. If I try to import only 1 file freezes at end of this.

Wav files have been made by Ardour Stem and have the same rate that my project. Filenames haven´t special characters and all unused files have been flushed.

How can I log this? (Ardour Windows log, video capture maybe?)

UPDATE: This happens only with option “Copy files to session folder” activated, as I can see for the moment

There may be some permission issues that Ardour is encountering on your system depending on where you are storing your session files, try running it as Administrator (Right-click an Ardour shortcut or the executable and select “Run As Administrator”) and see if the problem persists. If it doesn’t, you may want to look into moving your sessions to your user documents or taking direct ownership of the folder they are located in (Semi-lengthy explanation, use Google).