Ardour idea for 2021

Hello all
i am a beat producer and switched from windows to linux
but linux dont have a good beat making software
lmms like a toy
ardour is a big boy but without step sequencer (i test X42 step sequencer plz dont suggest this)
ardour Radical focused on main stream genre ?? Ye

Maybe you don’t care what I say
but i have idea
add a paint tool to ardour tool bar for add multiple note
watch this video
(below line copy and paste from flstudio man)
Paints multiple notes as you drag in lines. You can paint notes above or below existing notes to create chords. Left-click to add a single note. Click-and-drag to add multiple notes. Right-Click notes to delete them. Modifier keys: (Shift) - Monophonic paint allows vertical movement while painting AND replaces existing (or selected) notes to create a monophonic score. Use (Ctrl) to make a selection.
Paint drum sequencer mode (N) - Similar to the ‘Paint’ tool above. Adds multiple notes as you drag in lines. Behaviors are fine-tuned to work for drum sequencing in the Piano roll, where you may want to mute/unmute steps. Left-click to add a note. Click-and-drag to paint a line of notes. Left-click on notes to mute/unmute them. Right-Click to delete notes. Right-Click and drag to delete multiple notes. Snap sets the note length. Right-Click and hold on the background to open the slice tool (F10 > General settings > Click and hold functions on). Modifier keys: (Ctrl) to make a selection. (Alt) paint at half the selected snap setting.
read more

read more Fl piano rolllllllllllllllll

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Ideas/feature requests for Ardour should be suggested here:

Also, I edited the title of your post…that sort of addition was the type of thing I was used to seeing regularly on the Reaper forums :wink:


pictures aren’t supported on, I think it makes his idea stand out a little easier. :slight_smile: I think it would be great if the vote module is enabled on this discourse as this topic of having more tracker-like abilities is quite asked many times among new as well as experienced users, and I don’t think it would be difficult either as it is all really just midi data.

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Are you sure about putting it in the bug tracker? I noticed that it’s tagged "ideas for ARDOUR. "That seems useful for this forum.

Not commenting on the feature only because I don’t use MIDI much myself. However on the topic of where it belongs… it is fine to discuss ideas here on the forums, HOWEVER, unless it is placed in the bug tracked as @bachstudies mentioned, it is likely to be lost/forgotten in terms of actual development. So sure discuss and fine tune ideas here, but if they don’t go into the tracker they may be lost.

Also you can attach pictures on the tracker by just attaching the image file as well.

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i Post this idea in bug tracker !
but Guys dont care this

Thanks for **cking this idea
No Mercy i,

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