Ardour, Hydrogen, and Jack (and possibly Jamstix 2)

OK, so I want to try something, but I’m not sitting at my computer right now…

Basically, I want to use Hydrogen as a drum machine (possibly connected to Jamstix 2 which I have running with wine). I want to use Jack to bring individual drum tracks (snare, kick, hihat, etc) into Ardour, so I can add comp, verb, etc.

I think I can probably figure most of that out…so the question is, once I have that set up, with all the connections in Jack, is there a way to save that config, or will I need to reconnect the inputs/outputs in QJackCtrl everytime I load up that session?

Or, am I totally not understanding the way the interaction works with Jack…


1- in hydrogen, you enable “track outputs” in the preferences
2- connect these outputs to ardour track inputs
3- if you save your ardour session, it will remember these connections next time you start it

be aware that if you restart ardour before hydrogen, you will get a complain from ardour that it cannot connect to hydrogen. Starting hydrogen after that won’t bring connections back, you will have to reconnect things manually.

So start hydrogen before you restart ardour if you have to close everything and eventually reopen everything.

In fact, ardour should be the last app you restart.

This is where LASH can be handy but I don’t know how much LASH support ardour, hydrogen, etc have implemented. Take a look at the latest LASH development if you are concerned about these kind of things.

so one more quick question…is it possible to sync the time between Ardour and Hydrogen? IE: I have ardour set to play at 85 bpm, is it possible to have Hydrogen follow that time and any subsequent changes?

set ardour to be Time Master (toggle Time Master button on), sync everything to jack transport (both in hydrogen and ardour). Ardour will then control HG’s tempo.