Ardour hangs on exit, ubuntustudio 12.04.1, ffado, focusrite

Hi all!

I’ve just installed a new laptop with ubuntu studio etc as mentioned above. When I quit a project, I get prompted about saving and quitting or just quitting. No matter what I select, at that point Ardour will hang and must be killed. I also end up having to reset the firewire bus. Any ideas on what might be going on there? Is there anything I should do to make figuring out what the problem is easier?



Try it when using the ALSA backend with your built in sound card. If the behavior doesn’t persist the problem is likely something with FFADO and I would chat with the folks there.

If the problem does persist, the first thing I would recommend is not using Ubuntu’s packages and trying the binary located here. The second thing I would say is giving us version numbers for Jack, Ardour, etc. is a good thing when asking for help:)


I’ve had this same problem, with the official binaries for Ardour3 (both beta3 and beta5), and always using the ALSA backend. I usually just xkill the window.