Ardour + Guitarix in a box - now on Amazon (US)

My Raspberry Pi + Ardour + Guitarix + rackarrack + Alexa project, Thingamagig, is now for sale on Amazon.

If you’ve ever used Guitarix and thought, “I’m impressed and it can sound great, but it’s pretty laborious to dial in a useful tone”, I’ve saved you a bunch of work. By combining it with Ardour and Raspberry Pi, I’ve standardized the hardware, eliminated the setup, and created a huge library of presets based off famous amps, cabs and big chart hits from rock history.

The genesis of the idea was that I wanted to be able to play along to my favorite songs and have

  • Automated tones
  • Automated looping
  • Lyric + chord prompts (because my memory is shit)
  • 100% hands-free operation

So I built it. Here’s a video for those that missed the video I posted previously:

As always, let me know what you think!