Ardour GUI

At the moment, this might not be possible, and this very well might be the engine/gui separation” that’s listed in the Ardour Roadmap. I’m wondering if there is some way to interface ardour other than its own GUI… I’m in an environment where I need to interface more than one Ardour session on multiple systems from one location, and access one Ardour session from multiple locations. Right now I’m using a mix of VNC and remote X sessions to get what I want done, but it’s just very cumbersome. It would be very convenient for me to make my own interface, and figure out where I need to address on the back end. It would also free me up because I work in a mixed environment of Windows and Linux. Something like a command line interface, and/or some way to control Ardour without X would be great. Is there anything like this currently? Or is it planned? Or is that not in the scope of Ardour currently, and I need to post this in the ideas for Ardour Forum? :slight_smile:

it is precisely the item listed in the roadmap.

its the subject of quite a bit of discussion among developers, but we have not started work on it. its not a trivial process at all.

there is already an alternate to Ardour, called KSI, but it does not address your goals (its intended for blind/sight-impaired/GUI-averse users).