Ardour GUI Questions


I’ve been hacking around in Ardour’s GUI, just easy stuff for now like changing the “belts” into faders (I know sacreligious…I like faders) and stuff like that. I’m curious as to what the stuff in the “pixmaps” folder is for? I actually used the fader images in there for my custom faders but I don’t see much of this stuff being used in the Ardour GUI.

I was also wondering where the panning indicators (little green filaments) come from, I’ve wanted to change them for years and it doesn’t look like they are an element that can be swapped out easily. I’m just scratching the surface of this for fun but if anyone could lend a little guidance I’d be interested in playing around with the panning indicators.


@GMaq: Unfortunately I don’t think the panning controls are drawn using bitmaps