Ardour freezes

Whenever I start Ardour, it freezes almost at once. Tried versions 4, 5.4, 5.5 with pure Audio, pure MIDI and mixed arrangements. Top right in the main window sometimes the light turns red, and when I click it I get something like this:

[ERROR]: LADSPA: cannot load module “/usr/lib/ladspa/” (/usr/lib/ladspa/ undefined symbol: _ZN4Glib7ustringC1ERKNSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEE)

That’s all greek to me. Sometimes the little light stays green and I get lots of

[WARNING]: Ignoring LV2 plugin “LV2 Convolution Mono” because its buffer-size requirements cannot be satisfied.

or similar.
HELP! What do I do???

OK it might be a problem with AVLinux rather than with Ardour … it happens when I have had the system running for a longer duration and after re-booting, it will work for a while.

Hi Claus,

My best guess is it is neither completely Ardour or AV Linux since Ardour and AVL work fine elsewhere for many users, most of those messages you’ve posted are harmless warnings and would not prevent Ardour from starting, it is more likely you have a buggy plugin in your sessions or perhaps even something like your Video card has an incompatibility with Ardour itself which is quite rare but has been known to happen. If these freeze-ups happen outside of Ardour with other applications is also possible the Xorg drivers for your Video card don’t get along with AVL’s RT kernel.

For starters I would try starting Ardour in ‘Safe Mode’ which will disable all plugins and see if your sessions load, that will help determine if a buggy plugin is the first place to look…

Hi GMaq, thank you.