Ardour freeze by export - perhaps an jack-Issue

I use ardor for a while with no problems.
Now, without manual changes in any config, but perhaps after the ubuntu-update to kernel 27 or 28, Ardour hangs on Export.
A file with some kB are written an ardour.process must be killed.
When I check jack, I see that the RT Announcement isn’t show again.

jack message is:
JackPosixSemaphore::TimedWait err = Connection timed out JackFreewheelDriver::ProcessSync SuspendRefNum error

What ist the Reason for?

Used System:
ubuntu-studio 10.10 also after ugrade to 11.04!

Best Regards, Joerg

@aPilger: what backend are you using with JACK? ALSA or FFADO (firewire) ?


Couriously, I have the same Problem on another studio on another machine!

Both failed in the same way, and have the same software/system:
ubuntu-studio 10.10 32bit
gnome 2.32.0
kernel 2.6.35-28
ardour 2.8.11
jack 0.3.6
jamin 0.97.14

all software install from the repos.

when I copy the ardour project to a third machine, I can it open, edit and export without trouble…

thanks for your help!

this isn’t a version of JACK - “jack 0.3.6” - its the version of QJackctl (aka “Jack Control”) that you have. Please use the command jackd --version to check on the actual version of JACK that you are using.

also, there’s really no point trying to debug or get help with this on a forum. Please see (link near the upper right of every page on this website) for information on better (i.e. more dynamic, real-time) choices.

i am a new use of ardor , and i am having a really hard time figuring out how it works
which is surprising for a am a software developer and there is quite a few things i can’t understand
so can any of you guys tell me where i can find a tutorial or something?
my site (if you are interested :slight_smile: is linked to near the top right of every page on this website, and contains links to all the resources we think you should know about.