everytime i try to log in to this forum with my username and password, i am answered that it is incorrect, so i rquest everytime a new password for temporary login, and even if i change the pw , next time i’m not allowed to log in.why?

Don’t have a clue, you are the only one I know of that has had such a problem, at least you are the only one that has mentioned it.

Are you using Unicode or international characters in your password? If so try without the standard ASCII character set and see if that makes a difference.


I get the same issue, it is pants on head retarded.

Also, although I have paid, I am ALWAYS asked to pay again. There seems to be no way to bypass this.

I downloaded the 32bit version to try on my netbook, that obviously didn’t go very well, so now I want to download the 64bit version for my desktop so I can actually use it. The stupid, stupid system of this also means the only way to get a download again is to go to some revist download section and enter my invoice ID. This sends me the file for the 32bit version, again there is nothing I can do to get around this.

Frankly, this sort of system is what encourages piracy. I am being made to jump through hoops for no reason - why can’t logged in users just have access to a download page?! I love ardour and have used it for years, but this is really trying my patience.

On top of this, there seems to be no section in the forum to take up issues such as these, and I can not post a new thread. which is why I am replying to this one in the “Ideas for ardour” section. Here’s an idea, treat your users with some courtesy.

It looks as if there may be genuine problem with usernames and passwords, but it doesn’t affect everyone, which must make it difficult to diagnose.
“Having paid” once doesn’t get you free downloads later, only a monthly subscription does that. Sign up for $1 a month and that problem will simply go away. If everybody who downloaded Ardour contributed $12 a year that way, Paul would have a decent income for his work: what computer and internet user can’t afford that?

Or pay a nominal $1 for a new download…

Hi! I’m new in Ardour’s world.

I have a problem with Ardour 4.7.0.

I was working in the mixer view and the program crashes.

Then I couldn’t run it anymore. I have uninstall an install again. I have tried to run it from term. Nothing.

I’m Using Xubuntu 14.04

Any idea?


@biparscheffer: in addition to the information about how to report bugs (also linked from the Support tab above) I would note that the most common cause of crashes these days tends to be plugins.