Ardour for Singing Lessons (isolation)

Ardour saved me everyday for 10 days already.
I would like to know if it’s possible to use Ardour with Jack as a source for singing lessons, let me explain.
I have singing lessons cancelled because of the virus.
My teacher can do remote sessions.
Me and my teacher are isolated, for weeks, so I would like to use Ardour via Jitsi Meet through the web browser (Firefox), so she can hear both my microphone source and the Ardour output through her browser via a visioconference. My FF uses PulseAudio I guess, as I’m running UbuntuStudio here.
It may be more a Jack routing problem than a Ardour problem, but if anyone here already solved that situation, I’d like to hear about the solution. Thank you all.

Ardour doesn’t play a role in this. If you’re only goal is to route your mic signal to a remote machine, it’s all about JACK & Pulse, not ardour at all. Just have Jitsi use your microphone …

what am I missing? Why would there be any ardour output?

I use jitsi with guitar students, and if it’s good to see them (hand positions, etc…), the sound quality is very low (i use usb-soundcard + microphone but students plays with phone or laptop gears). @CrippleMonkey, sharing ardour’s session in a cloud could be a good solution for you if you have decent equipment, your teacher can listen with better quality your work. But not ‘live’.