Ardour for Raspberry Pi B+ ... WHEN ???

Oh I see … ;

there’s support for HardKernel’s ODROID …

but for Raspberry Pi B+ ,
IF / WHEN … ???

nobody that i know of in the ardour developer community is paying any attention to the idea of ardour on the R.Pi, in any of its flavors. that doesn’t make it impossible, but if it happens it will be thanks to someone we don’t know (yet).

I ve tried running some sound on a r.pi a year ago and it was still a little too slow to keep up without tons of xruns etc… I just checked with puredata… but this might have changed already…

Hi There …

I managed to get latest 2series version to work somehow and it didn’t seem to be sluggish at all . got click sound on / playing, the GUI was more responsive (than I’d expect) even at a jack setting of 128 (buffers) . On a Zoom / Samson H4n USB2-device .

That’s my share of backwards-testing …
Now … what I’d need for my dream mobile DAW would be the MIDI-record support of Ardour3 .
I guess everyone’s hurrying up for the final release of 3, instead of providing updates / support for v2-series .

the final release of 3? Ardour 3.x has been out for more than 18 months. The next major release is now in the works.

maybe waiting for mixbus v3 …?? :stuck_out_tongue: