Ardour for mixing and tempo-synchronising beat-diven music?

Is it possible to use Ardour to mix and beatmatch dance music in disc jockey style?

I have previously used Ableton for synchronising and blending music, as I otherwise would do with turntables, for my melodic drum and bass music.

However, I would prefer to do this task in Ardour rather than running Ableton on Ubuntu using Wine.

Does Ardour have the facility for performing this neo-turntable task?

I look forward to hopefully being pointed in the right direction. Thank you.

Any thoughts, guys? bump

I’m no expert at this, but I’ll try and help since nobody else has commented.

You will have trouble trying to use Ardour as a real-time deejaying tool like Live. I have yet to find a decent real-time deejaying tool for Linux and would love to hear from anybody who has got very far with this. I find the ‘Aqualung’ player promising, and opening two instances of that through JACK is quite a nice set-up for deejaying. However, it has no pitch control, which is obviously a deal breaker for dance music. I’m going to try and implement pitch shift in Aqualung myself if nobody else does.

Back to Ardour: You can use it to prepare mixes ‘offline’ as it were. You need the region stretch / squash tool for beatmatching. See this thread:

I would try mixxx first.

thorgal, do you use Mixx? How do you find it? I must admit, when I tried it late last year, it was extremely unstable, and lacked the ability to output two separate stereo feeds for hardware mixing.

no, I don’t use it. I must have tried it once but cannot confirm your non optimal experience. I could try it one of these days but I am not into DJ’ing at all so I have little interest in it. I would have thought that this app would be quite stable by now. It’s been around for quite a while AFAIK.

thorgal, you’re right. Mixxx 1.6 beta3 is a huge improvement over the previous versions I had used. It still lacks the ability to direct its two different channels to different outputs (a baffling omission, I think) but it is now quite stable and contains a lot of very useful features.

cool to hear :slight_smile:
Maybe you could suggest they correct this “blaffling omission” :smiley: I am sure it’s no big deal for the devs to implement it.

a bit late by now maybe, but you can use it in a way which is equivalent:
leave one channel on headphone all the time, and never use headphone on the other.
since you’re probably going to monitor through an external mixing desk, no need for using the headphone output like it’s meant to be :wink: