ardour for mac m1

i just got a mac mini m1 but what i dont understand is if i have to download ardour from nightly builds? since if I try to download from the main page of ardour only the version for intel 64 bits appears. What to do??

There currently is no official release for the M1. That will likely change when Ardour 7 will be released.

At this point in time it is probably best to run the Intel version of Arodur 6.9 on the M1.

PS. Note: The application is not digitally signed. Right-click (or control + click) and select Open the first time to launch it. See also information how to disable the gatekeeper.
On BigSur, after download the application has to be released from quarantine. In a Terminal window run

xattr -rd ~/Downloads/Ardour-*.dmg

perfect thank you very much you solved my doubts

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